5 people to follow for a splendid lifestyle.

We spend so much time  in various social media handles. This people are someone to always to look up for every student .

1. Ana Mascara 

Have not been to her youtube channel??
A great mentor for every student to make studying easy and effective.

2.Mel Robbins 

A great motivational speaker who can save you from crossing the enemy lines!! Author of The Five second Rule , her ted talk is just so much more than inspiration.

3.Shashi Tharoor 

A politician is not supposed to be in the list! But he is a great intellect, author and just such an amazing speaker. You shall surely listen to his " Does Britain owe repression?" speech.

4.Dale Canergie 

An author who has written  incredible self help books. What he says really works.

5.Thomas Frank 

A youtuber who is there to let you provide all the needed study tips and great methods.

*What is your opinion? Who are your favourite personalities ?
Do let us know in the comment section down below


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